Evil Spawn


The Top Ten Evil Kids in Movies

To Make this list the movie kids had to have that quality that makes you shudder and sends chills down your spine. They need to be cold, creepy, long dead, aliens or just plain psychopaths. These evil offspring will dry up your reproductive organs forever.

1  Samara Morgan, The Ring (2002)

Who is Samara and why does she keep killing people who watch her creepy video after seven days? It’s not entirely clear, but one thing is crystal clear: Samara is pissed and she’s coming for you.This is a remake of a Japanese film, and one of the scariest films I’ve ever seen. The stunning visual effects make it creepier.

2&3  Lukas & Elias Schwarz, Goodnight Mommy (2015)

These twins are such a deeply unsettling pair that I had to add them to this list ASAP. Kudos to the formidable talented Austrian director-screenwriting team Veronika Franz and Severin Fiala, for killing the reproductive desires of moviegoers everywhere. This is horror filmmaking at its best. The story is a quiet, seemingly normal family that becomes a masterpiece of increasing dread and unease.The actors who play the twins are absolutely chilling with their subdued, matter-of-fact performances.
The story takes place in a house in the Austrian countryside, where the twins’ mother is recovering from facial reconstruction surgery. She spends most of the time in her room recuperating, her entire face covered in bandages. She doesn’t really speak much to the kids. The boys fend for themselves, for the most part, playing in the lush yard and woods surrounding the house. Something seems off. Things start going very wrong once the boys become convinced that the woman under the bandages is not their mother.  An absolutely chilling film.

4. Rhoda Penmark, The Bad Seed (1956)

Eight-year-old Rhoda Penmark (Patty McCormack) is, for all appearances, the perfect child. Well spoken, impeccably dressed and well-mannered, she never gives her mother Christine (Nancy Kelly) a moment’s worry about anything. Almost too good to be true, right? Right. It soon becomes clear that Mommy’s little angel is a serial killer. She manages to simper her way out of blame for some very bad things. A dead classmate. A missing medal. Lies. A dead babysitter. More lies. A dead janitor. McCormack gives a deeply unsettling performance as the little pig-tailed psychopath, for which she got an Oscar nomination.  Shudder. Nancy Kelly and Eileen Heckart, who played the mom of a school mate, were also nominated. The movie is based on the 1954 novel by William March. Unfortunately, the film has a crazy coda ending that was added in order to comply with the Hayes Code. For the original, much more terrifying end to the story, read the book.

5. Joshua, Joshua (2007)

Joshua Cairn is an extremely gifted, extremely twisted nine-year-old sociopath who lives with his family in Manhattan. He doesn’t really click with his parents (Sam Rockwell, Vera Farmiga) as well as he does with his uncle Ned (Dallas Roberts). They have the same interests. Also, his parents are welcoming his new baby sister into the family, which he’s not thrilled about. He likes to torment his family. He drives his mother to question her own sanity, and gets his father falsely charged with abuse.  His actions are senselessly cruel, but he has a motive.

6 Kevin Khatchadourian, We Need to Talk About Kevin (2012)

Nature or Nurture? That’s just one of the questions posed by this compelling and disturbing film. Eva Khatchadourian (Tilda Swinton), is a bit ambivalent about motherhood and at first, has trouble bonding with her baby boy Kevin (Ezra Miller). Kevin seems to be happy everywhere except with her. He constantly cries and screams with her and at first, she thinks that he may sense her her ambivalence and resent it. As he grows up, Kevin hateful and hostile but only to her. Is his attitude because of her, or does she have trouble connecting with him because he’s inherently…odd. As he grows, Eva senses an emptiness, an insincerity and manipulative streak that no one else (especially his father) can see or suspect. After a nightmarish episode, Eva looks back to see where she went wrong. An emotionally stunning film. Tilda Swinton as Eva is exceptional.

7  Rynn Jacobs, The Little Girl Who Lives Down the Lane (1977)

A young Jodie Foster plays Rynn, a smart and sophisticated 13-year-old girl who lives with her father, a poet. She tells neighbors that they have recently relocated from London. The originality of the story and the stellar acting sell the subversive plot. Foster’s performance is damn near perfect as the preternaturally mature and self-possessed young girl who wants to wants desperately to keep people out of her business. Where is her father, anyway? What’s in the basement? Will she be able to protect herself from the local pervert? Really excellent movie that holds up after all these years.

8  Damien Thorne, The Omen (1976)

Yes, the original is still the creepiest. What is there to say here? He’s literally the spawn of Satan. So, yeah.

9  Every Freaking Kid in Sinister (2012)

So scary you’ll only see it once. It has sequels, though. If you’re not sufficiently traumatized by the original, by all means, check out the sequels too. I can’t get into it without shuddering, but an evil entity is compelling kids to kill their families. In horrific ways.  This is seriously creepy and horrifying. You’ve been warned.

10  Grace, Grace (2009)

This is a small independent film that is quietly and deeply horrific. After struggling to conceive, Madeline Matheson becomes pregnant only to lose her husband and child (en utero) in a car accident. Traumatized by grief, Madeleine refuses to have the dead child removed from inside her; instead, she carries the dead fetus to term. When the time comes, she has her friend, a midwife, deliver/remove the child. It’s a harrowing delivery. Once the child is removed, the midwife leaves Madeleine alone with the baby for a few moment so that she can say goodbye. When she returns to the birthing room, the baby is alive. It’s a miracle. Madeline goes home with her baby and tries hard to ignore the putrid smell coming from the baby and the flies that constantly surround it. Water doesn’t agree with her at all, and she won’t drink milk. She does like blood though. Eeeeek. Fantastic film, masterfully executed.


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